Welcome to GPSCH

The Greater Philadelphia Society of Clinical Hypnosis (GPSCH) is a professional organization of licensed healthcare providers dedicated to promoting the exchange and dissemination of scientific knowledge about hypnosis and its appropriate and effective use by healthcare professionals. In that effort, GPSCH provides a forum in monthly meetings and periodic workshops. Beginner and Intermediate Hypnosis workshops are offered annually as well as specific subjects related to the use of hypnosis as a method of treatment and a tool to improve health, capability and human potential.

Who may attend GPSCH meetings:  GPSCH Members and their invited guests (licensed or license-eligible or a student in a health profession); nonmember licensed healthcare professionals; and adult students currently enrolled in an accredited academic institution. GPSCH does not provide daycare during its meetings and cannot accommodate children/adolescents.

Founded in 1959 to meet the needs of the local professional community, GPSCH is recognized as a Component Section of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). GPSCH complies with ASCH Ethical Principles and Standards.